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SJM Prospectus 2024

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College prospectus for Academic Year 2024-25

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2. Late Jogendranath and Swarnamoyee Bhaumik Swami Suparnanandaji Maharaj at opening ceremony, 2015

18. SW ARNAMOYEE JOGENDRANA TH MAHA VIDY ALA Y A Govt. Aided General Degree College, Affiliated to V idyasagar University At + P .O.- Amdabad, Nandigram Block-II, Dist.- Purba Medinipur , W est Bengal, PIN- 721650 Phone : 7501 133806, E-mail : sjmahavidyalaya@gmail.com W ebsite: http//www .sjmahavidyalaya.in In t erna onal Seminar on Y og a-2023 Seminar on V alue E duc a on-2023 Aw ar eness Rally on AIDS, 2023 Obser v a on of W orld W a t er Da y -2024 Member s of Alumni Associa on- 2024 Gr een Audit T eam, 2024 In t erna onal W omen's Da y Obser v a on, 2024 Non-T eaching St a ff with G.B. Member s & Gues ts GLIMPS ES O F V A RIO US ACT IVITIES , 20 23 - 24 Printed by : MURARI DIGIT AL (CONT AI) 9734684229 / 9609010857

1. Sw arnamo yee Jogendrana th Maha vid y al a y a P R O S P E C T U S 2024-25 Go v t. Aided Gener al Degr ee Colleg e Affilia t ed t o Vidy asag ar Univ er sity Sw arnamo yee Jogendrana th Maha vid y ala y a Projected College Building R ec ogniz ed under secon 2(f ) b y UGC.

3. 1 ABOUT OUR COLLEGE Swarnamoyee Jogendranath Mahavidyalaya , a Govt. Aided General Degree College was established in 2014 with the approval of the Higher Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal. The institution began its journey on 30th January 2015 after receiving affiliation from Vidyasagar University. Since then , this newly established college is proudly imparting education in this rural locality where the ray of higher education had seldom reached before. This newly established college has successfully passed through nine years’ experience of imparting education in this rural based locality where the ray s of higher education had seldom reached before. The Bhaumik Family of Amdabad was instrumental in founding this institute through their generous sacrifice, nobility and all - out devotion to achieve this goal. Especially it is gloriously mentioned that Dr. Anindya Kisor Bhaumik, retired P rincipal, youngest son of Swarnamoyee and Jogendranath Bh au mik pioneered the activities of establishing this college in revered memory of his parents in constant cooperation of his elder brothers and sisters. Among those notable contributors are the eldest son of Late Swarnamoyee and Jogendranath, Sri . Amulyaratan Bh au mik, a former headmaster, soc ial worker and freedom fighter and his sons and daughters, the wife, sons and daughter of the second son Late Dr. Prabodh Kumar Bh au mik, the former head of the Department of Anthropology, Univer sity of Calcutta, the third son Sri Subodh Kumar Bhowmik, retired headmaster, and his sons and daughters, the second daughter Smt. Renuka Jana, a retired headmistress and her son and daughter. In addition to the invaluable donations, bounties and multiple assistances from neighbouring nobilities are highly appreciated. It is worthy to mention that Late Jogendranath, a great educationist, an immensely broad - hearted man, a social worker of great repute, led the way to spread education in backward rural areas through establishing many schools including the well - known Amdabad High School originated during th e British Rules . To commemorate his memory and of his wife Swarnamoyee, an ideal woman, a kind - hearted affectionate mother, who was the source of inspirations to all such benevolent activities, this college has been set up with also a special view to enli ghten this rural territory which has otherwise fallen back far behind in today’s progress and advancement of learning. LOCATION The site of the college has a charming view of lush green fields and is located amidst a luxuriant landscape. While the college is currently functioning from its temporary building, a sanctioned magnificent building with picturesque views is already under construction. It will come up right next to a metalled road passing through green crop fields, amidst enchanting views of natur e in a serene environment. Far from the madding crowd, the ambience of the college resembles that of ‘Shantiniketan’. The college is well connected to the neighbouring towns of Henria, Chandipur, Contai, Digha, Haldia, Tamluk and Kolkata.

5. 3 F ROM PRESIDENT ’ S DESK “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela All of us aspire to be successful in life and success comes in various forms. But the common element to success is education. Sadly, not everyone has the privilege to access to the right education. We are committed to remove that barrier and bring higher e ducation to the local community. We believe, this can bring right changes in the society and can help the youngsters in making their future, empowering their community and make a positive impact. A step towards that dream was realised with the establishme nt of this very institution. Our goal is to expand and excel at all levels with increasing focus on research which can impact the local community, through technological innovation in agriculture, uplifting socio - economic fabric, preserving traditions, cult ure, and language. To this end, we are hopeful to expand by bringing agricultural, fisheries and technology education. Remote locations such as ours often suffer from infrastructure. But we are breaking the barrier through technology by bringing the latest digital learning and teaching infrastructure that is comparable to many academic institutions across the world. Our students, although hailing from remote locations and often underprivileged, should have access to the most advanced technology and feel no inferiority at world stage. The journey has begun, and I take this opportunity to thank the members of this locality, my elders and family members, current and past staffs, and importantly the students in this endeavour. Dr. Anindya Kis or Bhaumik (Founder and President) P RINCIPAL ’ S MESSAGE “ Arise, awake , and sto p not till the goal is reached” -- Swami Vivekananda The college was established with a vision to empower the youth of the surrounding area as they lacked the opportunity to pursue higher education. Earlier, after their Higher Secondary Examination most of the underprivileged boys & girls were unable to purs ue higher education in distant colleges due to poverty and lack of communication to the towns from the remote neighbouring villages. Many of the meritorious students from the neighbouring schools lagged behind due to unavailability of resources, guidance, and institutional support to enhance their knowledge to face the world beyond their homes. Though the college is still at its nascent stage and faced several obstacles like financial constraints, we are trying our best to overcome all hurdles and advance far ahead with the sole objective of providing quality education to the youth and make responsible citizens and successful professionals out of our eager young students. The ultimate mission of the college is to provide holistic education that not only con tribute to the students’ professional success, but also boost their confidence and develop their personalities, to enhance their creativity and to inculcate moral and ethical values in them. We endeavour our best to create an atmosphere that is conducive t o learning, thus making this institution a successful establishment for bringing about real social change. Dr. Ratan Kumar Samanta (Principal)

16. Workshop on Student s’ Credit Card, 2 023 GLIMPSES OF VARIOUS ACTIVITIES, 2023 - 24 Special Lecture Programme on Artificial Intelligence - 2023 Publication of Wall Magazine, Sociology Department, 2023 Annual Cultural Programme & Prize Distribution Ceremony, 2023 Publication of Wall M agazine, Sanskrit Department, 2023 On the Occasion of Farewell Ceremony of 6 th Sem. Students, English Department, 2023

4. 2 OUR VISION AND MISSION VISION Our vision is to develop into an institution with an impeccable reputation of providing quality higher education to the underprivileged youth of rural Bengal. By incorporating the vision of NEP 2020 , we not only aim to creating good stu dents, but also competent professionals and independent individuals who would inspire the future generations. In addition, we are committed to inculcating indigenous values and ethos among learners, which serve to develop students into complete human being s. MISSION Our mission is to encourage the students in general to manifest their latent talents and ideas - • To make quality higher education accessible to all, irrespective of their socio - economic status. • To provide new and innovative forms of learning at par with the global academic scenario. • To encourage the students to pursue higher education and research in their respective fields. • To motivate the students in general to manifest their latent talents and ideas, and inculcate ideal habits, a love for l earning, and human values. • To help the students of the locality grow into responsible citizens of India in the future. • To empower students to cope with the challenges of practical life by providing them with a holistic education • To initiate vocational ed ucation to enhance employability RECOGNITION & AFFILIATIONS: The institution is recognized by the Department of Higher Education, Govt. of West Bengal Vide memo no. 772(2) - Edn(CS)/4C - 142/13, dt. 16.09.2014, on the basis of which Vidyasagar University also extended the temporary affiliation by its memo no. VU/R/7EC - 29/Affi./136/2015 dt. 30.01.2025 and permanent affiliation has been granted by its memo no. VU/IC/SJM/110/2014, dt. 18.04.2024, after being recognized under section 2(f) by UGC, G ovt. of India bearing file no. 8 - 240/2022(CPP - 1/C), dt. 30.01.2024 for conducting different Undergraduate programmes . West Bengal Higher Education Department University Grants Commission Vidyasagar University

14. 12 I DENTITY C ARD After admission a student is required to get an I dentity Card signed by the principal of the college. The identity Card is a proof of his/her status as a student at this college. The student must carry the Identity C ard at all times during college hours. D RESS C ODE For boys: sky blue shirt with black tro users. For girls: white saree with blue border/sky blue k ameez (top) and white s alwa r (lower/bottom). R ULES OF D ISCIPLINE The college expects its students to conduct themselves in a disciplined and dignified manner in the college premises and outside. For this some provisions are as follows: a) Student shall obey an order issued by the University or by the Principal of the college. b) Students shall conduct themselves in a gentle manner both towards the members of the staff and fellow students. c) Students shall m aintain perfect silence in classrooms and library room and desist from demonstration or disorderly behaviour. They must not loiter in the corridors or in front of the classrooms or office rooms or library rooms and must keep as quiet as possible during the college hours. d) Students shall not misappropriate, destroy, mutilate, disfigure, or damage any college or university property, in particular library books, furniture, apparatus etc. e) No student suffering from any contagious or infectious disease will be per mitted to attend the college. For a break of discipline within or outside the premises of the college, the Principal of the college may: a) impose a fine on a student and or b) suspend the student for a definite period or c) expel him /her from the college for such a period as deems it fit. The Principal may ask a student to leave the college if he considers such action is necessary in the interest of the institution or may bring such matters of grave nature to the Governing Body for a decision without assigning any reason for that. F ACILITIES AND R ESOURCES L IBRARY The college has a well - furn i shed library with more 4389 books for helping the students. The books are mostly course books/subject oriented books which provide enough opportunity with the students for readi ng. Those students who are unable to purchase books due to financial constraints may borrow these for their studies. The library catalogue has also been digitized for the benefit of the students and the staff. S PORTS F ACILITIES The college provides facilities for indoor as well as outdoor games to its students. Students regularly practice in the playground under the supervision of the teacher of Physical Education. Students successfully compete in Inter College Sports Meets and Inter College Football tournaments. The Annual sports competition helps recognize the most talented sports prospects of the college.

15. 13 C ULTURAL A CTIVITIES C ultural competitions and events take place in the college at different times of the year. Some of the major events are Nabinbaran, Annual Cultural Programme, Saraswati Puja, Rakhibandhan, publication of wall magazine, etc. Students of this college also participate in debates, symposia, music, painting, recitation, clay modelling etc. in the inter college cultural competit ion at the university. C ANTEEN The college has a canteen in the college campus to provide snacks and wholesome meals at a reasonable rate. N SS The college has introduced the NSS unit to train the students and boost their physical and mental health. Variou s personality development and several social service ( outreach/extension) programmes are held under the supervision of the NSS Programme Officer and staff of the college to ensure active participation of the students throughout the year. The NSS volunte ers participate in different extra - curricular activities such as blood donation camps, tree plantation drives, t halas semia test and awareness drives etc. M AGAZINE Different departments publish a wall magazine annually to encourage the blooming writers of the college. The department of Bengali publishes ‘ Srijoni ’ ; English publishes ‘ Rolling Stone ’ ; Geography publishes ‘ Blue Planet ’ ; Sociology publishes ‘ Dishari ’ ; D epartment of Sanskrit publishes ‘Mandakranta’ and Education publishes ‘Anandadhara’ . Besides this the College Magazine ‘Ankuran’ is also published biannually. ADD - ON / VALUE - ADDED COURSES , SEMINAR, W ORKSHOP & CONFERENCE V arious departments of the college offer workshops and Add - On/Value - Added Courses for the holistic development of the students. Seminars and conferences are also organized by the departments to ensure student engagement in academic activities beyond the set curriculum of their respective disciplines. This also promotes teamwork and collaboration among students that will b e beneficial for them in their future careers. E XCURSION & F IELD T RIP Different departments of this college organize educational excursions for the students. Compulsory departmental field study is held regularly as per university syllabus. S TUDENT’S F EES C ONCESSION The college provides concession on tuition fees to the underprivileged students. S CHOLARSHIPS & S TIPENDS Eligible students get different scholarships/stipends regularly like Swami Vivekananda Merit - cum Means scholarship, Kanyashree , Aikyashree, OASIS from Govt. of W est Bengal , National Scholarship and Scholarship from Sitaram Jindal Foundation Trust etc . Wi - Fi ENABLED COLLEGE CAMPUS The college provides free and high speed Wi - Fi facility to all staff and students within the campus . __________________

17. Field Survey at Digha Coast, Zoology Department , 2023 GLIMPSES OF VARIOUS ACTIVITIES, 2023 - 24 Observation of World Environment Day , Education Department - 2023 Safai Abhijan of NSS Volunteers - 2024 Farewell Ceremony of 6 th Sem. Students, Bengali Department, 2023 Seminar on Vector Borne Disease, 2023 On the Occasion of Wall Magazine Publication, Geography Department, 2024

10. 8 D EPARTMENT OF H ISTORY The department of history began its journey with the inception of the college in 2015. It currently offers a general course to the students and at present there is one Full - Time Faculty member in the department. The primary objective of the department is to sp read awareness regarding the importance of history as a discipline and its scope in the job market to help the students achieve their goals. FACULTY Sl. No. Name of Teacher Qualification Designation Others 1. Mr Moyazzem Hossain Mondal MA, B E d Assistant Professor in History HoD 2. Vacant Future Scope for G raduates : History provides opportunities to understand the past that can help to shape the future. Career prospects for graduates in History includes various job roles such as teacher, civil servants, journalist, writer or editor, solicitor, curator, archivist, heritage manager etc. D EPARTMENT OF P HILOSOPHY Philosophy (in Greek ‘philosophia’ means ‘love of wisdom’) as an academic subject offers the study of general and fundamental questions, such as those about reason, existence, knowledge, values, mind, and language. Philosophy was introduced as a general degree subject in this institution in 2016 and performed well over the years. FACUL TY Sl. No. Name of Teacher Qualification Designation Others 1. Mr Nanigopal Das MA S tate Aided College Teacher – II in Philosophy HoD 2. Vacant Future Scope for G raduates : A degree in Philosophy provides career opportunities in many sectors ranging from specialist in human resources (HR), interviewer, consultant, student affairs, public service, journalism, research, diplomacy etc. D EPARTMENT OF P HYSICAL E DUCATION Sport pl ays a central role in the physical and mental development of young people and in the maintenance of physical, mental and social health for all citizens; and, for those reasons, all levels of government, informed citizens, and health and social agencies are seeing sport in a new light. Starting in 2016, this department functioned within the premises, both in the classroom and ground and has served generations of students. FACULTY Sl. No. Name of Teacher Qualification Designation Others 1. Mr Sanjay Samanta MPEd State Aided College T eacher - II in Physical Education HoD 2. Vacant Future Scope for G raduates: A Physical education degree can provide many opportunities including job roles as PE teacher, physiotherapist, professional sportsperson, sports coach/consultant, diet and fitness instructor etc. Success story: A warded Best Player in District Inter - C ollege Sports & Games C hampionship, 2019.

11. 9 D EPARTMENT OF P HYSIOLOGY In this department the students s tudy how the human body works through the description of the chemistry and physics behind basic body functions. It gives understanding of molecule behaviour in cells to how systems of organs work together. FACULTY Sl. No. Name of Teacher Qualification Des ignation Others 1. Ms Deblina Pradhan MSc Guest Teacher in Physiology HoD 2. Vacant Future Scope for G raduates: After graduation in Physiology a student may pursue higher education, work as pathologist, physiotherapist, nutritionist, medical representative or teacher. D EPARTMENT OF P OLITICAL S CIENCE The Department of Political Science is the oldest department offering a general course among the humanities disciplines of the college. The department started its humble beginning in the year 2015, when it was 3 - Tier a nnual system. This department is well - known for its good academic results, strict discipline and various extra - curricular activities. Our department guarantees absolute attention and dedication towards overall development of the students into responsible future citizens of our country. FACULTY Sl. No. Name of Teacher Qualification Designation Others 1. Mr Prasanta Baskey MA Assistant Professor in Political Science HoD 2. Ms Rupali Samanta MA, MPhil, B E d State Aided College Teacher – II in Political Science Future Scope for G raduates : Political science is the study of political values, policies institution, process of people and societies. After graduating one can look for jobs in both govt . (public) and private sector, especially in civil services (Indian Administrative service, Indian foreign services), teaching, journalism, policy analysis, role of political scientist, secretary to various govt. departments and agencies, election and campaign manager etc. D EPARTMENT OF S ANSKRIT Since the establishment of the college, the department of Sanskrit offered B.A. General and Honours for the students. The Sanskrit Department has done well in the University Exams from its inception. Presently, the Sanskrit Department of this college is be ing guided by two Assistant Professors and one State aided college teacher (SACT - 1). Every year, this Department publishes a wall magazine, Mandakranta. Moreover, this department performs plays, songs etc . in Sanskrit in various programmes of the college. The Sanskrit Department also teaches the students how to converse in Sanskrit. In addition, the Sanskrit Department individually helps out relatively weaker students. The teachers regularly conduct class tests and mock tests before the university exams an d provide study material to the students to stand them in good stead. FACULTY Sl. No. Name of Teacher Qualification Designation Others 1. Dr Parimal Mandal MA, PhD Assistant Professor in Sanskrit HoD 2. Dr Prasad Ranjan Chakrabarti MA, PhD Assistant Professor in Sanskrit 3. Mr Narugopal Das MA, BE d, MPhil State Aided College Teacher – I in Sanskrit

7. 5 ACADEMIC PROGRAMME & FEE S STRUCTURE (Session 2024 - 2 025) D EPARTMENTS D EPARTMENT OF B ENGALI The Bengali Department offers both Honours and General courses in Bengali language and literature. Admission in this department started from the academic session 2015 - 2016. The department has three faculty members (Two full time faculties and one SACT). In 2018 first batch appeared f or their university examinations with Honours in Bengali. FACULTY Sl. No. Name of Teacher Qualification Designation Others 1. Dr Madhumita Basu MA, PhD Assistant Professor in Bengali, HoD 2. Mr Dipankar Sarkar MA , B E d Assistant Professor in Bengali, 3. Mr Surajit Mandal MA, B E d State Aided College Teacher - I in Bengali Last Four Year’s Final R esult: Future Scope for G raduates : After completion an Honours degree in Bengali, a student can apply for postgraduate degree in Bengali Literature and Linguistics. Career opportunities include j ournalism and news reading in electronic media ; w orking as translator / interpreter ; c areer in publishing sector ; c areer in script writing, etc. Also they can may be appointed as teacher in School, College and University. D EPARTMENT OF B OTANY Botany is the scientific study of plants that includes a wide range of living organisms from the s mallest bacteria to the largest living things the giant sequoia trees. The department of Botany began functioning in 2017 and it currently offers a general course to the students. The department has great prospects for future Sl. No. COURSES/PROGRAMME OFFERED Admission Fees 1 St Sem. (Rs.) Course Duration Total Fees (Rs.) 1. BA (Hons. or Hons. With Research) Bengali, English, Education, Sanskrit & Sociology 4420.00 4 Years 23030.00 2. BSc (Hons. or Hons. with Research) Geography 6460.00 4 Years 32650.00 3. BA Multidisciplinary With Humanities Bengali, English, Education, Sanskrit, Sociology, Philosophy, History & Political Science 3820.00 3 Years 14920.00 Physical Education 5820.00 3 Years 16920.00 4. BSc Multidisciplinary With Life Science Geography, Botany, Zoology & Physiology 5660.00 3 Years 21585.00 Subject Year Appeared Successful 50 - 60% Above 60% Bengali 2023 17 17 - 17 2022 20 20 - 20 2021 20 20 - 20 2020 20 20 5 5

8. 6 growth amidst the rural surrou nding of the college, rich in biodiversity. The students are actively encouraged to participate in academic as well as co - curricular activities of the college. FACULTY Sl. No. Name of Teacher Qualification Designation Others 1. Mr Nayan Kr. Giri MSc , BEd State Aided College Teacher - I I in Botany HoD 2. Vacant Future Scope for G raduates: After completion of the undergraduate degree students can pursue Master Degree and career in the various job roles such as plant explorer. conservationist, ecologist, horticulturist, plant biochemist, nursery manager, environmental consultant, and farming consultant. Other job opportunities are available in t eaching ; a griculture ; f orensic science ; and f orest department (IFS, r anger and other) . D EPARTMENT OF E DUCATION The Department of Education started its journey in the year 2015 at our college. The department encourages the students for self - evaluation, personal development & helps them strive towards perfection and competence. The department provides an excellent te aching and learning environment with its focus on continuing education. The teachers also motivate the students by providing platform like group discussion, debate on various subjects. Apart from studies we also inspire our students to participate in vario us co curriculum activates like tree plantation, NSS, and different types of indoor and outdoor games which can help them express their talents. Last but not the least, our aim is not only to provide pedantic knowledge but also offer holistic education whi ch creates responsible and successful citizens out of our students. FACULTY Sl. No. Name of Teacher Qualification Designation Others 1. Ms Soma Adhikary MA, B E d Assistant Professor in Education , HoD 2. Ms Shrabani Maity MA , B E d State Aided College Teacher - II in Education 3. Ms Manasi Maity MA, MPhil State Aided College Teacher - II in Education 4. Mr Sanja y Mondal MA , B E d State Aided College Teacher - II in Education Last Four Year’s Final Result: Subject Year Appeared Successful 50 - 60% Above 60% Education 2023 25 25 - 25 2022 11 11 - 11 2021 25 25 - 25 2020 17 17 4 13 Future Scope for G raduates: After graduation in Education , students can pursue Master Degree in Education. Besides this study of E ducation provides opportunities to gain knowledge in core principles of education, teaching methodologies, human psychology and human behaviour. Students will develop skillsets that is in demand across many job roles including t eacher ; e ducation administrator ; c onsultant in online education ind ustry and c areer advisor and counsellors . D EPARTMENT OF E NGLISH A part of the college since its inception, the department currently offers Honours, GE, and LCC courses in English under the CBCS syllabus of Vidyasagar University. It has produced three batch es of graduates till 2020. From the beginning, our students have partaken enthusiastically in the community life of the college, often excelling in various extra - curricular and sporting activities, and in the events organized by the NSS Unit. Every year, our students publish the college wall magazine entitled ‘Rolling Stones’ and they also participate in the Youth Parliament Debates organized by the NYPS. Some graduates have gone on to study M.A. in

12. 10 Last Four Year’s Final Result: Subject Year Appeared Successful 50 - 60% Above 60% Sanskrit 2023 05 04 - 04 2022 12 12 - 12 2021 8 8 - 8 2020 3 3 2 1 Future Scope for G raduates : After completion of graduation in Sanskrit, students can pursue their career in many job roles such as teacher, researcher, cataloguer, officer in archive department/museum, Sanskrit translator/interpreter, civil services officer (WBCS, UPSC, Railway Depar tment, etc.), journalist etc. D EPARTMENT OF S OCIOLOGY The Department of Sociology started its journey with the establishment of the college in 2015 with teaching at Pass Course level. Teaching at Undergraduate Honours Level started from 2016 with the aims to engender analytical and critical thinking among its students. In 2017 the Department started its first wall magazine Dishari to encourage the creative faculties of the pupils. The department is making every effort to establish itself in a way where every student can stand out in whichever field they wish to pursue. FACULTY Sl. No. Name of Teacher Qualification Designation Others 1. Mr Sanjit Debnath MA, BEd Assistant Professor in Sociology HoD 2. Ms Sweta Bera MA, BEd State Aided College Teacher – I I in Sociology 3. Mr Atin Kumar Maity MA State Aided College Teacher – I I in Sociology Last Four Year’s Final Result: Subject Year Appeared Successful 50 - 60% Above 60% Sociology 2023 02 02 - 02 2022 11 11 - 11 2021 5 5 - 5 2020 4 4 4 0 Future Scope for G raduates : Careers in sociology are both effective and satisfying. Students can opt for a career as a teacher, social worker, policy analyst, rehabilitation counsellor, public relation specialist, human right specialist, official s at judicial affairs , health sector o r social welfare . D EPARTMENT OF Z OOLOGY Zoology is the scientific study of all aspects of animals (both living and extinct) including their structure, anatomy, ecology, evolution, habits, behaviour and distribution. This department provides real life learning opportunities through field trips and practical. FACULTY Sl. No. Name of Teacher Qualification Designation Others 1. Ms Tanushree Das MSc, BEd Guest Teacher in Zoology HoD 2. Vacant Future Scope for G raduates: After graduation in Zoology, a student may pursue career in fisheries science, entomology, environmental science, pearl culture, poultry, dairy, animal husbandry etc. Besides these students can pursue Master Degree in different specialization and can get opportunity as teache r in School, College and University.

13. 11 A DMINISTRATION M EMBERS OF THE G OVERNING B ODY Serial No. Name Designation 1. Dr . Anindya Kisor Bhaumik President 2. Dr . Ratan Kumar Samanta Principal and Secretary 3. Mr . Tarapada Khatua Government Nominee 4. Mr . Amrit Ranjan Acharya Government Nominee 5. Ms . Dolly Bhowmik Higher Education Council Nominee, Govt. of W.B. 6. Dr . Swapan Kumar Mis ra Vidyasagar University Nominee 7. Dr. Pujashree Chatterjee Vidyasagar University Nominee 8. Dr. Dwijasish Bhowmik Trustee Nominee 9. Dr. Prasad Ranjan Chakrabarti Teachers’ Representative 10. Dr. Durba Basu Teachers’ Representative 11. Dr. Hiya Chatterjee Teachers’ Representative 12. Mr. Subrata Bera Representative of Non - Teaching Staff N ON - T EACHING S TAFF Serial No. Name Designation 1. Sri Subrata Bera Clerk 2. Sri Binoy Krishna Gayen Clerk 3. S ri Gopal Mula Peon 4. S ri Pradip Kumar Das Peon 5. S ri Sujan Kumar Majhi Night Guard 6. Smt. Durga Rani Patra Casual NTS 7. Sri Surajit Karan Casual NTS 8. Sri Madhuram Ma ndal Casual NTS 9. Sri Suman Bhowmik Casual NTS 10. Sri Biswajit Maity Casual NTS R ULES AND R EGULATION A DMISSION Admission to the 1st year Degree Course begins after publication of the results of the Higher Secondary Examination. The exact date for admission is announced through notice on the college Notice Board and college website: https://sjmahavidyalaya .in A student who is admitted to the 1st semester of studies but does not attend any class for 15 consecutive days from the date of commencement of the classes may not be allowed to attend further classes and his/her seat may be declared vacant. A TTENDANCE It is obligatory on the part of the students to attend classes regularly and punctually. Wilful absence from the class - room lecture will be treated as a serious infringement of college discipline. As a rule, each student is required to attend minimum 75% of the total lectures delivered in each subject in an academic session as per Vidyasagar University rules.

9. 7 English or B.Ed., or work in various services in the publ ic and private sectors, while some aspire specifically to enter the civil services. FACULTY Sl. No. Name of Teacher Qualification Designation Others 1. Dr Durba Basu MA, PhD Assistant Professor in English , HoD 2. Dr Hiya Chatterjee MA , PhD Assistant Professor in English , 3. Ms Swagatalakshmi Basu MA, B E d , PGCTE State Aided College Teacher - II in English Last Four Year’s Final Result: Subject Year Appeared Successful 50 - 60% Above 60% English 2023 15 15 - 15 2022 13 13 - 13 2021 10 10 - 10 2020 4 4 1 0 Future Scope for G raduates : An Honours degree in English can be a gateway to a variety of careers like in the civil services, copyediting, copywriting, journalism, and teaching. D EPARTMENT OF G EOGRAPHY The Department of Geography started its journey in the year of 2015. The department has two Full Time Teachers since 2017 and in the year 2021, our respected Principal Dr. Ratan Kumar Samanta, former Associate Professor of Geography joined the college cont ribute to the progress of the department . Presently with 26 s tudents of honours course and students of general course for each year, the department boasts of gaining the status of leading department of Purba Medinipur district. The department has very high reputation in every sphere of the field of Geography i.e., success in departmental results, mock parliament, debate, NSS activities, geographical model show etc. Every year, our students publish wall magazine named ‘Blue Planet’ and also arrange exhibitio n of different kinds of geographical models. Sometimes resource persons are invited to deliver special lectures for the students. The department conducts class tests, mock test on regular basis and also provide sufficient study materials to do best in thei r discipline. The affectionate relation among the students, parents and teachers is the main strength of our department. FACULTY Sl. No. Name of Teacher Qualification Designation Others 1. Mr Aparesh Mondal MA , B E d Assistant Professor in Geography HoD 2. Dr Ratan Kumar Samanta MSc, BE d, PhD Associate Professor in Geography Principal 3. Ms Arpita Majumder MSc, B E d Assistant Professor in Geography 4. Mr Narayan Chandra Bera MA, BE d, MEd Guest Teacher in Geography Last F our Y ear ’s Final R esult: Subject Year Appeared Successful 50 - 60% Above 60% Geography 2023 14 14 - 14 2022 10 10 - 10 2021 14 14 - 14 2020 9 9 2 7 Future Scope for G raduates : After graduation in Geography students can pursue Master Degree in Geography and Remote Sensing & GIS. A degree in Geography provides multiple job opportunities for the students in future in various roles as a teacher, cartographer, urban planner, environmental consultant, Geographical Information System (GIS) analyst etc.

6. 4 A CADEMICS We offer honours degrees in six subjects and general degr ees in thirteen subjects. Subject combi nations are available according to university guideline and details are given on the college website. Subject Combination for CCFUP, 2023 - 24 (As per New Education Policy – 2020) (CCFUP:Curriculum and Credit Framework for Undergraduate Programme) Subject Combination for Arts B.A. Single Major Programme (Honours Degree) [Four Years Programme] Programmes Subject Combination for Single Minor : Any One Group is to be C hosen (Either Group - 1 or Group - 2 or Group - 3) Group - 1 Group - 2 Group - 3 Bengali Honours 1) Sanskrit, Philosophy 2) Sociology, Political Science 3) Sanskrit, Education English Honours 1) Bengali, Philosophy 2) History, Philosophy 3) Bengali, Sociology Education Honours 1) History, Philosophy 2) History, Political Science 3) Bengali, Sociology Sanskrit Honours 1) Bengali, Education 2) Bengali, Philosophy, 3) History, Philosophy Sociology Honours 1) Sanskrit, Education 2) History, Political Science 3) Education, Philosophy B.A. Multidisciplinary Programme (Bachelor Degree) , (Humanities) [Three Years Programme] Group Major - I Major - II Minor Group: A Education Bengali Philosophy Group: B Physical Education Bengali Education Group: C Physical Education Political Science History Group: D Sociology Philosophy Sanskrit Group: E Sanskrit Bengali Education Subject Combination for Science B.Sc. Single Major Programme (Honours Degree) [Four Years Programme] Programme Subject Combination/ Choice for Minor Geography Honours Botany, Zoology B.Sc. Multidisciplinary Programme (Bachelor Degree) , (Life Science) [Three Years Programme] Major - I Major - II Minor Botany Zoology Physiology SUBJECT - WISE INTAKE CAPACITY Total Intake Capacity - 420 Degree Subject Gen . Gen. PH EWS EWS PH SC SC PH ST ST PH OBC - A OBC A - PH OBC - B OBC B - PH Total B.A.( Honours) Major Bengali 27 1 6 0 13 1 4 0 6 0 4 0 62 Education 26 1 6 0 13 1 3 0 6 0 4 0 60 English 27 1 6 0 13 1 4 0 6 0 4 0 62 Sanskrit 22 1 5 0 11 1 3 0 5 0 3 0 51 Sociology 13 1 3 0 7 0 2 0 3 0 2 0 31 B.Sc.( Honours) Major Geography 14 1 3 0 7 0 2 0 3 0 2 0 32 B.Sc. Multidisciplinary Programmes Life Science 16 1 4 0 8 0 2 0 4 0 3 0 38 B.A. Multidisciplinary Programmes Humanities 36 2 8 0 18 1 5 0 8 0 6 0 84


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